People, we believe, are the pillars of our progress. By focusing on a strong work-life balance, professionalism, leadership training, growth opportunities, and incentives, we retain our talent and keep them motivated despite a rapidly changing market. Moreover, at AlOula, we believe equality is the only way forward and so we provide equal career opportunities regardless of any age, culture, gender or marital status. Mutual respect, integrity, and fairness are values we persevere and preserve. It’s this difference in the way we think that makes a difference in the things we do.

At AlOula, when it comes to looking for the right talent, we look into every corner of the world for the brightest minds and the sharpest skills. Our 45-member team is handpicked from over 9 countries, which means we always have a wealth of culture and ideas in our midst. More importantly, this diverse expertise creates a work environment that is brimming with fresh ideas capable of changing the landscape not just of the country but the industry too.

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