Fully integrated solutions. No half-hearted approaches.


At AlOula, client satisfaction tops our priorities. As a fully integrated real estate company, we specialize in all aspects of real estate development – from pre-development to post-development. Whether it is selecting and evaluating locations, conducting feasibility studies, developing management services, sealing capital partnerships, ensuring property delivery and more, you can rest assured you are in professional hands. More importantly, our years of expertise in management, development, and investment makes us an authority in real estate development including horizontal and vertical development.

We are here to forge lasting partnerships with visionary companies, seize the finest opportunities and guarantee outstanding results. Our range of services include:

  • Defining targeted markets and conducting surveys and statistical research
  • Assessing location and acquisition options
  • Managing and conducting feasibility, engineering, and environmental studies
  • Project management planning
  • Municipality requirements and area division
  • Conceptualizing primary concepts and master plans
  • Consulting on contracting, design coordination, and work revisions
  • Coordinating with regulatory authorities to obtain the required clearances and approvals
  • Ensuring capital budgets, construction and delivery timeframes, cash flows, and project forecasting
  • Managing construction tenders, contracts and contract management, monitoring reports and monthly expenses
  • Offering quality assurance, periodic maintenance, and submitting the required documents to finalize projects
  • Performing internal and external installations
  • Providing Investment Asset Management on behalf of the entire real estate development or property management shareholders
  • Offering property management either directly or by hiring and supervising a third party property management company
  • Developing operational budgets for selling and rental activities of new real estate developments