AlOula: A name we have taken years to build.

Over the years, AlOula ventured to the depths of the Kingdom to identify and deliver real value in real estate. By leaving no stone unturned, we developed lands and rapidly emerged as a name that is revered as the finest in real estate development. With meticulous research, robust forecasting and strategic planning, we have managed to unlock unprecedented potential in properties and construct a competitive edge for our future where the social and demographic changes will always work in our favor.

Today, as we stand tall proudly punctuating the skyline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with iconic commercial and residential projects, exemplary infrastructure and outstanding quality, we believe in one thing: This is our time.

Our rule: We seek perfection through planning and achievement.


We enjoy uniqueness throughout many years of developing land and the experience we earned in sales and marketing within this highly competitive industry.

At AlOula, we never take on more than we can handle. Quality comes before everything we do and we’ll do nothing to jeopardize our reputation. We believe transparency and openness is key to developing not only real estate but real relationships with our clients. In fact, our experience in developing land over the years, our proven track record in real estate, land division and hospitality, and our uniqueness in sales and marketing is the reason our clients and investors always believe we can deliver.