AlOula: A name we have taken years to build.

Established in 2002 and owned by the renowned Al Fozan Group and Al Muhaidib Group, AlOula took off as a real estate developer and has never looked back. Today, we are one of the pioneering real estate companies in the world. By providing holistic real estate development solutions, we are here to set new standards in the industry and push the boundaries of real estate development and investments.

Our Mission

To provide our clients with real value in real estate and achieve the highest levels of client satisfaction through our unparalleled real estate solutions while touching new heights of professionalism, integrity, quality, and service in the world.

Our Vision

To be Saudi Arabia’s most integrated and most efficient real estate development company.


Over the years, AlOula ventured to the depths of the Kingdom to identify and deliver real value in real estate. By leaving no stone unturned, we developed lands and rapidly emerged as a name that is revered as the finest in real estate development. With meticulous research, robust forecasting and strategic planning, we have managed to unlock unprecedented potential in properties and construct a competitive edge for our future where the social and demographic changes will always work in our favor.

Today, as we stand tall proudly punctuating the skyline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with iconic commercial and residential projects, exemplary infrastructure and outstanding quality, we believe in one thing: This is our time.

We enjoy uniqueness throughout many years of developing land and the experience we earned in sales and marketing within this highly competitive industry.

At AlOula, we never take on more than we can handle. Quality comes before everything we do and we’ll do nothing to jeopardize our reputation. We believe transparency and openness is key to developing not only real estate but real relationships with our clients. In fact, our experience in developing land over the years, our proven track record in real estate, land division and hospitality, and our uniqueness in sales and marketing is the reason our clients and investors always believe we can deliver.

Our Rule : We seek perfection through planning achievement



AlOula is empowered by the joint forces of:

One of Al Muhaidib group of companies with a large investment base including commerce, industry, real estate, construction, and construction materials.

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One of Al Fozan group of companies, a pioneer Saudi company with diverse industrial, commercial and construction materials business lines.

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A team of high caliber that perfectly combines extensive International experience with local knowledge.

At AlOula, our board of directors consists of reputed, elected individuals who are independent shareholders and successful professionals in their own respective fields. They guide, govern and direct the company in innovative ways to adhere to the core values, and stick to our vision and mission while instilling confidence among our clients.

BOD Members


Mr. Sulaiman bin Abdulqader Almuhaidib Chairman


Mr. Abdulla bin Abdulatif Alfozan Deputy Chairman


Mr. Esam Abdulqader Almuhaidib Board Member


Mr. Fozan bin Mohammed Alfozan Board Member


Mr. Abdulmajid Almubarak Board Member


Mr. Abdulla Alrshoud Board Member

fahad moajel

Mr. Fahd Al Majel Board Member

“At AlOula, we believe, it is crucial to offer real value and the ideal community while developing real estate. Our founders are determined to make AlOula the role model for the social transformation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by enriching the lives of the people and the furthering communities. AlOula has acquired and developed land in many strategic locations in the Kingdom to meet the increasing demands of the market. These achievements have made us a pioneering company in developing innovative and integrated communities as a developer and investor. Due to our large portfolio of land acquisition in Saudi Arabia plus numerous residential and commercial projects, AlOula witnesses sustainable growth and is currently setting the bar high for quality services and infrastructure. We are confident that benchmarking quality, prices, and delivery will help us transform any community into a story of success. It’s a story we would like you to be part of.”

Sulaiman Al Muhaidib


“While the real estate sector in Saudi Arabia is booming, its growth potential is promising too. The Kingdom is expected to witness a positive change in real estate and a noticeable expansion on the short, mid, and long-term by supporting the strong demographics and government expenditure to build a fully integrated infrastructure. Local demand for new projects is increasing. A strong partnership between the private and public sectors has reaped outstanding results in many sectors like Telecommunications, Energy, Petrochemical, Transportation, and Mining. Real estate is just another successful tool for such partnerships that are beneficial for all parties, consequently and for meeting the increasing demand in the housing sector. This dramatic change will corporatize the real estate market. While new real estate regulatory rules and instructions are being listed, the real estate sector must make a gradual transition towards a more mature level to realize more real estate development opportunities.”

Ibrahim Al Alwan



At AlOula, when it comes to looking for the right talent, we look into every corner of the world for the brightest minds and the sharpest skills. Our 45-member team is handpicked from over 9 countries, which means we always have a wealth of culture and ideas in our midst. More importantly, this diverse expertise creates a work environment that is brimming with fresh ideas capable of changing the landscape not just of the country but the industry too.

People, we believe, are the pillars of our progress. By focusing on a strong work-life balance, professionalism, leadership training, growth opportunities, and incentives, we retain our talent and keep them motivated despite a rapidly changing market. Moreover, at AlOula, we believe equality is the only way forward and so we provide equal career opportunities regardless of any age, culture, gender or marital status. Mutual respect, integrity, and fairness are values we persevere and preserve. It’s this difference in the way we think that makes a difference in the things we do.